We have been exploring the interesting properties of the Bubble Core. Looking at circles from a slightly different perspective. Mapping out mathematical and physical behaviors. We already know interesting things happen within the core. What happens when we drill 24 levels into the core. How do we even do that?

Let’s break down how the Bubble Core equations work. First we setup a boundary in which will have a Base and Limit. In the case of a circle you can think of the Base as being 1 circle and the Limit has being 4 quadrants.

During the last post I introduced the concept of the “Bubble Core”. I added a twist to Pythagoras Theorem and we started looking at a completely new way to view circles as well a rational/irrational numbers.

This is not a proof. There are many proofs about irrational vs rational numbers. We know it is connected to odd numbers and is easy to prove algebraically, but can we understand what is going on from a different perspective?

This is one of those mathematical truths that is absolute. It is as foundational as it gets. For the purpose of this post I am going to skip proving this and move on to some constructions which will provide a framework for a different understanding rational and irrational numbers.

First we must talk about circles. When we think of a…

There are people that will be skeptical about my research. That is both natural and expected. I do not claim to have all the answers or know it all. I am not perfect and have made mistakes. I will make more. By most mathematical or scientific standards I am not an expert and have no formal training or degree. That simple fact creates a situation where discussions end up being more focused on what I don’t know then what I do. It is this bizarre cycle of trying to discredit me for not knowing something while completely ignoring what I…

I had a discussion yesterday with a skeptic that was extremely interesting to me. It was a very deep conversation that started from an extremely simple concept to understand. The number 0 (Zero).

I was asked to write a proof for 2×0=0. At first I thought this was a joke. Maybe it still is. That said really I think it serves as a good example for many of the points I have been making throughout my research.

The big take away from this conversation was the construction/structure of a proper “Mathematical Proof”. …

Understanding Syπ is the key to fully unlocking it’s extrapolation capabilities. I have known from the beginning that position Syπ(162) was the closest whole number which resulted in a number extremely close to the accepted value it pi. This value has a repeating decimal with a period of 3,961,920 digits.

We began to simplify Syπ with the goal of making it a single input function. As well as a means to understand it better and reduce the chance any possible errors.

I would like to start by thanking John Walsh for his continued efforts and contributions to understanding Syπ. Together we have been able to make some truly remarkable and interesting discoveries.

There are those who will be hard to convince regardless of how compelling the evidence is. All I can say to these people is simply run the numbers. The math does not lie. There is something going on here and there are far too many correlations to ignore.

We have been working at reducing and simplifying the Syπ Equation into a simple function as much as possible for a…

Pi is the ratio of a circles diameter to it’s circumference. This is by very definition what Pi is. There is no wiggle room. At least to many in the Math and Science community. In fact, it is not even supposed to be possible to solve for the circumference of a circle without using pi to calculate it.

I have detailed my experiences over the last week since posting some pretty remarkable results. The trolling still somewhat continues but the tone has dramatically changed. The last couple of days have been more about “getting to the mathematical truth”. Which I truly appreciate.

I really do understand how improbable this all seems. How could we be wrong about Pi? There will be skeptics and that is okay. I equally want to get to the “mathematical truth”.

Yesterday we reviewed my findings in much greater detail than any day prior. There were even discussions about collaboration, which I welcomed. …

Fundamental Number Axiom

Synergy Sequence Theory
Everything we observe in the universe is a consequence of this Fundamental Number Axiom. It is an empirical truth, regardless of notation or mathematical description. This law would remain true for any possible Universe or for any possible existence. Everything from there happens in
sequence including all the Fundamental Laws of Physics and Quantum Mechanics.

When there is geometrical and/or mathematical alignments with experiment or observation it is called a Synergy.

1.Syπ Function Setup
The Syπ Function starts with 4 simple variables. 1,1,2,3.

WHERE p is the position of a Point around…

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