Greetings from the Bubble Core

During the last post I introduced the concept of the “Bubble Core”. I added a twist to Pythagoras Theorem and we started looking at a completely new way to view circles as well a rational/irrational numbers.

We found that by looking at these two specific angles that any size circle could be perfectly bisected into quadrants. We also found that the core of the circle which is half the size of the circle the square root of 2 shows up as a perimeter.

Lets drill deeper into the Bubble Core, to understand fully how this works. We find the following pattern

You can also follow this interesting “core” logic to deeper levels. Below I am showing 2 Bubble Core Levels.

For now let’s stay focused on Bubble Core Level 1. If we bisect a quarter of the circle we find a tangent line to the Bubble Core. Further connecting these points we find a familiar angle.

This is pretty striking. There is something else of note with the inner triangle in the above construction. If we set the angle to 345 degrees we find the point of the triangle lines up with the 45 degree angle.

As I have pointed out, the Golden Ratio has a close relationship to the Synergy constant and the Fine-structure constant.

We also find another interesting ratio.

All of this makes what I am about to show you and describe truly remarkable. When we map out the points of these core angles we find striking Synergies with the properties of magnets. We also find what I believe is the identity of the OctoQuadrian Numbers I have mentioned in previous posts.

For some of you who have been following my research from the beginning this will no doubt look familiar to you. This seems to further validate one of my first experiments early on in my research using the Fibonacci Sequence to predict how magnets would stick together. You will note specifically that the Bubble N and S points actually converge to the E point. Just like we saw with the magnets.

This is already pretty compelling but If we apply these same rules to the same bubble configurations we looked at before we see another incredible alignment.

Using OctoQuadrian Numbers as frequencies produces the same Synergies and alignments in Cymatic experiments. Even the squareness of the Bubble Core is captured at 90Hz. The fluid is moving but there is a square like structure which seems constant.

We can even find the Bubble Core in our own hands. We are unable to make a square with our 2 hands. If we make it as square as possible we find a gap which lines up exactly with the same angles and patterns I have been describing.

I have only posted a very small fraction of my research. What started out as a hobby, now more than 6 years later has become an entire new level of real logical understanding of “Mechanics of Number”. Enough to write a book.


It is at this time I would like to announce that I am self publishing a complete book detailing every aspect of my research in depth. This book is packed with new discoveries, approaches and ideas. There are step by step instructions that are tested and 100% reproducible.

I will be producing 162 Special Edition copies. These will be a numbered Limited Edition that will never be produced again. It will come with full size posters and a physical experiment kit to augment the book. There will only be 369 books produced in this first print, which ships February 16, 2022. I am now accepting pre-orders at

Again you don’t have to take my word for it. I set it all up on GeoGebra for anyone to try and see for themselves. You can adjust the size of the circle by changing the value of p.

If you want to join the discussion feel free to join my discord

Stay Tuned.

Entrepreneur, Graphic Design, Web Development, Basketball, Fishing and everything else in between.

Entrepreneur, Graphic Design, Web Development, Basketball, Fishing and everything else in between.