The Definition of π (or is it?)

Pi is the ratio of a circles diameter to it’s circumference. This is by very definition what Pi is. There is no wiggle room. At least to many in the Math and Science community. In fact, it is not even supposed to be possible to solve for the circumference of a circle without using pi to calculate it.

This fact of often cited as a means to attempt debunking anything I have posted about Syπ. Full stop end of story right?


On Pi Day, March 14, 2020 I posted to twitter a fun little pi day experiment after more than a year of researching and experimenting with the Syπ Equation. This experiment had nothing to do with Syπ specifically but is at the heart of the points that I have been making about π.

The goal of the problem is to in fact to calculate the circumference of a circle without using π. Lets begin.

Lets look at the dimensions. This part is exactly the same.

Here is the twist. We use the radius to place a square in the center of the circle. This gives the circle 4 cells, 2 on either side.

This is where it starts to get interesting. If we look at the length of q we find the following to be true.

This may seem very simple and it is. However, it demonstrates a very interesting point. No matter how we measure π we always call it an approximation. It is suppose to be impossible to approximate the perimeter of a circle without using π yet here we are doing just that.

Some will still argue this is not π. It has been proven that π is transcendental and irrational so therefor all we can ever do is approximate. It is a magical number that has been studied and revered by mathematicians for more than 3000 years.

It is important to note at this point that I am NOT saying that any of this is wrong. What I am saying is that there is more to it than that. We still don’t fully understand π and there is still much to be discovered about this mysterious number. I very much see Syπ as a tool to probe the uniqueness of π to lift the curtain on some of these mysteries.

I had not given this Pi Day Problem (aka Turtle Pi Problem) much more thought after I posted it and continued to work on Syπ. It came up during a working discussion about Syπ on my discord yesterday. While I did post it on twitter I really did not put that much time in to explaining it.

You can try the Turtle Pi math yourself on my GeoGebra page

I have called the number 162 the Synergy constant very early in my research. I had also discovered early on with SyPi that position 162 of the Syπ Gradient gives us the closest value to the accepted value of π. It further turns out that you can get closer by using decimals. 162.xxxx will get us even closer.

During this discussion John Walsh offered up the equation a above as a means to calculate the position. I also substituted it with SyPi for comparison. You can see both equations are extremely close. When fed back into SyPi as the position we match Pi to 10 decimal places. 3 decimal places closer than using just 162.

Further this all seems to correlate with a video posted by numberphile on May 31st, 2020, where they discuss the connections of 180 or 18 and 5 as it relates to Pi.

I continue to make striking discoveries about Pi, SyPi and correlations to the natural world that are too numerous to ignore. I have been able to connect Pi to the Golden ratio, the Fine-structure constant with links to Dark Energy, Gravity, Pressure, Temperature and much much more.

There are far more questions about the universe than we have answers. If we stop asking questions or worse discourage exploration of things we think we have so well figured out like Pi we are without a doubt limiting any possible understanding.

A special Thank you to John Walsh and Paul Jones. Our interactions with each other had a rough start. I expected people to be skeptical. Since then over the last week we have had daily discussions and exploration of my findings. The discussions have been far more productive and they have both contributed to trying to get to the “mathematical truth” about Synergy Sequence Theory and SyPi.

If you want to join the discussion feel free to join my discord

More to come soon. Stay tuned.

Entrepreneur, Graphic Design, Web Development, Basketball, Fishing and everything else in between.

Entrepreneur, Graphic Design, Web Development, Basketball, Fishing and everything else in between.